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What is your Stage?
Your stage is an amazing interface in SoundBirth App. It is beautiful, simple and intuitive. Your fans will be able to listen to your music, know your last news, comment and be informed in one click. It has never been so powerful.

Everything now

Your Stage has everything you need.
And it gathers everything.
It’s designed to help you get the most out of your music.

Best reach ever

Facebook 8% VS 90% with your
SoundBirth Stage.
Nothing left to say 😉

Designed for you

It contains your music on streaming platforms,
your lyrics, your news, a powerful social network,
all your tour dates and much more…
Built to perform
Discover the greatest community and the most powerful
communication tool.
SoundBirth Community
Artists, Fans, Events: all in the same spot
Gather everything
All your networks & streaming platforms
All your tour dates
with tickets, gps, calendar…
Easy to use
Manage directly from your Stage
A reach of 90%
Discover the power of push notifications
Sell directly your music
100% is for you