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SoundBirth is a French based music start-up run by friends passionate about music. We’re offering musicians the best way to communicate with developing an awesome smartphone App. And it’s going to change a lot of things in the music business.

  • Music Strategy 85%
  • Star Wars Fans 70%
  • Sunbath Lovers 40%
  • Customer Happiness 90%


The Greatest

Franck Artero

Franck Artero


  • Apple addict
  • Grumpy
  • Passionate
Martin Henriot

Martin Henriot


  • Marty McFly Junior
  • Guitar lover
  • D&D player
Sébastien Garriga

Sébastien Garriga

Multi Task guy

  • Radiohead addict
  • Movie expert
  • NBA pro
Charles Couzi

Charles Couzi

Android Boss

  • Heavy Metal fan
  • Love to shred his guitar
  • Android for life
Maxime Marmoz

Maxime Marmoz


  • OM fan
  • Best drummer
  • Always optimistic
Quentin Gremaux

Quentin Gremaux

Designer King

  • Cool-headed
  • Code Quentum’s fan
  • Swiss knife
Caroline Marmoz

Caroline Marmoz

Financial Boss

  • Knows everything
  • John Snow fan
  • The one & only girl


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